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Defining, preventing, and treating anoestrus condition in cattle

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Defining, preventing and treating anoestrus condition in cattle

The term "anoestrus" refers to cows either not showing or simply not been detected in oestrus due to management constraints. From veterinarian point of view, the term "non-Cyclic" seems better to describe this problem of having cows failing to ovulate and have a regular oestrus cycle. This non-cyclicity is a major problem to cattle producers world-wide. 

Nevertheless, preventive measures can be taken to minimise the risk of "anoestrus" and treatments can be applied to resume cyclicity and increase ovulation and conception rates. 


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  • Definition of anoestrus condition
  • Prevalence of this condition in cattle
  • How to prevent anoestrus condition in cattle
  • How to treat anoestrus condition in cattle

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